Camp Drake Online Registration System

We are excited for the big debut of our new online registration system - Tentaroo.  Like any new system, we are expecting there will be some bumps and hiccups along the way, however, if you follow the instructions and training videos below, you shouldn't have many issues.  If you encounter any issues, feel free to contact Susan Coller at, Kurt Brown at, or Parker Arnholt at

Click here to login to Tentaroo

Important Information - This registration system will NOT work on mobile devices such as phones or tablets.  You must use a system compatible web browser on a Mac or PC.

Step 1 - Registering and Changing Attendance - It is important that the correct number of youth and adults (including part-time adults) is correct.  Please note that after January 28th, 2017, the number of youth and adults attending camp cannot be decreased, but can always be increased.  Watch this short video below for more information and instructions.

Step 2 - Modifying Your Profile and Roster - Unit leaders must next update their profile information to ensure the primary contact information for the system is correct.  The profile leader doesn't necessarily need to be the Scoutmaster, but should be the primary point of contact for registering for summer camp and other events.  Most roster information should have been loaded into Tentaroo.  If there is missing or incorrect information in your unit's roster, you will need to update that information.  For details on updating your profile and rosters, watch the following short video.

Step 3 - Making Online Payments - In order to register Scouts for individual classes when the registration system opens at 9:00 am on Wednesday, February 1st, at least $25/youth listed in Step 2 must be paid.  To ensure your payment is reflected immediately, you can pay online using an e-check or credit card.  You can also pay offline via such methods as mailing in a check, paying at the Raymond Lee Scout Service Center, or transferring funds from your troop's custodial account, however it might take a business day or two after payment is received to reflect it in your troop's account.  For more information on making online payments, watch the following short video.

Step 4 - Registering for Individual Classes (Opens 2/1/17 at 9 am) - Registering for merit badges, high adventure opportunities, and other fun programs is one of the offseason highlights that gets you fired up and ready for summer camp at Camp Drake!  For all the information on how to do this, please watch the following 12 and a half minute video.

Step 5 - Registering for Troop Activities - Registering for troop activities such as morning troop shoots, morning canoe hikes, or morning or afternoon inner-tube float trips cannot be completed directly in Tentaroo, however once you are registered for them, you will see them in your troop's options in Tentaroo.  To register for one of these events, please email Susan Coller at and let her know your troop's top 3 choices for day and time for each activity for which you would like to register.  She will email you back with your confirmed time.  If you would like to cancel or reschedule your time, we ask that you please do so as soon you make that determination to allow another troop the opportunity to use that slot.

Step 6 - Running Reports - There are a series of reports that troop leaders can run in Tentaroo.  A video demonstrating how to run these reports will be uploaded soon.

Camp Drake Program Areas

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