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85 Anniversary Celebration

85  Anniversary Event at Camp Drake

The ultimate anniversary event to celebrate 85 years of Scout camping along the banks of the Salt Fork River will be Saturday, June 3 rd . . Throughout the entire day, special events and commemorative programs will provide Scouts and guests with a historical perspective of Camp Robert Drake. Experience the outdoor thrills, Scouting challenges, and life-altering memories of 85 years of camping all in one day.

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  • Camp Drake

Timing and Events:

Trail Tromp (sponsored by Illini Lodge #55): 9am - 12 pm

Blaze the trail through the woods at the annual Trail Tromp hiking day at Camp Robert Drake on April 1st to win your own Global Positioning System.   All of the Trail Tromp participants will be eligible for the drawing for a hand-held GPS device, sponsored by Illini Lodge of the Order of the Arrow.

Marksmanship Challenge: (Small Fee $$$) @ Nogle Shooting Sports Complex (SEE FLYER BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS)

Boy Scout Challenge (.22 Rifle)

Check-In 1pm

First Round @ 1:15 followed directly by a competition round 

Cub Scout Challenge (BB Guns)

Check-In 2:30 pm

First Round @ 2:45 followed directly by a competition round

Gaga Ball Tournament (No Fee) at the Gaga Pit

Cub Scout @ 1 pm

Boy Scout @ 2:30 pm

Pinewood Derby Race @ 11:30am - 3:00pm

Just for fun as part of the Drake-a- palooza, Camp Drake summer staff members will host Pinewood Derby racing at the fireplace end of the Dining hall.  All Cub Scouts are encouraged to bring their Pinewood Car and race against the pack.  Any Scouts and Scouters are welcome to bring out their veteran vehicles and enjoy the simple fun of Pinewood Racing. Please remember the 5 ounce weight rule. There are no trophies so there is no cost….just another chance to see your Pinewood Car speeding down the track!

Drone Demonstration @ TBD 

Check out the drone demonstration as part of the Drake-A-Palooza activities on Saturday, April 1st at Camp Drake.   During the afternoon festivities, a demonstration of drone technology will be provided for any Scouts and families in attendance.


Check out this flyer on the Sky Fly Event

Check out this information about the Trail Tromp! 

Marksmanship Challenge Flyer and Registration Form

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Camp Launch

  • Prescence Health

Come on out and get updated on the 2017 camping season! We will be unveiling some awesome new things for our 85th Anniversary!

LAUNCHY is ready, are you?! Check out this flier! 

Nov 5

OA Vigil Ceremony

  • Camp Robert Drake

All Vigil Members are encouraged to come induct our new brothers into the Vigil Honor! For more information check the Lodge page at www.campdrake.com/illinilodge55

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Camp Drake Fall "Turkey" Shoot

  • Camp Robert Drake

Test your marksmanship skills at the Jamie Ping Trap & Skeet Field @ Camp Robert Drake on Saturday October 29th, 2016 from 1:00 - 5:00pm.  The Camp Drake Fall “Turkey” Shoot is open to all registered Boy Scout / Venturing youth and adults.   The competition will have participants shoot a 50 round of trap. Competition divisions will be set up for Boy Scout age, Venturer age, and Adults with   $20 County Market gift certificates for first place in each category, as well as “Top Ten” Trophies.  The $10 fee includes trap supplies and awards only. All Shooters are to supply their own Shotgun, Ammo, and Ear & Eye Protection for the Competition.  Registration and $10 fee Due @ the Raymond Lee Scout Service Center Office by 5:00pm on Monday October 24th

Here is the Registration Form

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Smilin' Pumpkin 2016

  • Camp Robert Drake

Here is an important Smilin Pumpkin Press Release!

Here is the Smilin Pumpkin Pre-Registration form, for all those who enjoy early bird registration!

Here is information regarding the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award!

To speed up the process, please fill out this registration card and bring with you to Smilin' Pumpkin! We can't wait to see you there! 

Check out the promotional flyer!

These dot to dot are great Pack meeting ideas! Check out our 2016 Smilin Pumpkin Dot to Dot! Also don't forget to check out our 2016 Smilin Pumpkin Word Find!

Oct 16

OA Fall Pow Wow

  • Camp Robert Drake

For more information on the event, please see http://www.campdrake.com/illini-lodge-events/2016/10/14/fall-pow-wow-2016

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Many Trails Outdoor Cub Scout Fun Day

  • Camp Robert Drake

A Cub Scout Family Fun Day is planned on Saturday, October 8th, beginning at 2:00 pm.  All Scouting families are invited out to Camp Drake near Catlin, for an afternoon of Scouting excitement.  Bring your whole pack, troop, or crew and their brothers and sisters, moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, for the rocket launches and for the shooting sports.   

Sep 5

Labor Day Camping

  • Camp Robert Drake

All Scouts and Scouting family members are invited to enjoy Labor Day Weekend at Camp Robert Drake this year.  Experience a woodland retreat away and get back to nature.  Families can enjoy the facilities at Camp Drake at their own pace.  Both weekends will be open for tent camping and limited activities for all ages. All of the campsites are available for use.   Meals are not included and alcohol is not permitted.

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Camp Drake Spring "Shoot - n - Recruit" Event

  • Camp Robert Drake

The Camp Drake 2016 Spring Shoot is designed as a bring a friend event. Tigers, Cubs and Webelos can earn the new “Cub Scout Shooting Sports Patch”. Boy Scouts and Venturing will have the unique experience of firing (4) classic military rifles and compete for Trophies.

The event flyer can be found by clicking HERE. 

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Klondike Derby


PRESS RELEASE                        JAN. 20, 2016

For additional information, contact Camp Director Mike Graham at the Prairielands Council Service Center, 356-7291 ext. 6441 in Champaign/ 427-5243 at Camp Drake or TEXT to  841-1464.


The annual winter challenge is slated for Camp Robert Drake on Saturday, January 30 near Oakwood.  Just like the artic conditions of Alaska, Boy Scouts will travel via snow sleds with their survival gear attached for a series of cold-weather challenges.   The Klondike Debry competition is the ultimate winter sporting event including contests of strength, speed, and outdoor techniques.   Scout patrols will be tested on survival shelter making, lashing rescue gear, and fire building in freezing conditions.  The Klondike Derby is an amazing team-building experience for boys in grades 6 to 10.

Scout patrols from over 40 troops from Illinois and Indiana will converge on Camp Drake.  Several of the troops will have camped overnight in tents in the winter weather. Following the opening flag ceremony at 9:00 am, each group of 6 to 8 Scouts (a patrol) will traverse the ice and snow across the camp to contests of skill throughout the camp.  

The skill competitions judge each patrol on teamwork, Scout spirit, and skill level.  Twelve contests are spread across the 410-acre camp, involving this year's adventure theme of “Bold in the Cold”.  

The grand finale, following the skills competition, is the championship sled race. At the end of the day, all of the patrols and their sleds are lined up on the large plateau field.  Upon the signal, Scouts pull their sled like a team of huskies, sliding across the snow as fast as possible. The “Pan of Gold” trophy is presented to the winning patrol at the Klondike Derby.  

All of the Scouts enjoy the Klondike Derby's activities and ceremonies, making it year after year, the largest single day Scouting event of the Prairielands Council.  Over 475 Scouts and leaders from throughout the 9 county council are expected for the highlight event of the winter.  Klondike Chairman Kris Hoogstraat of Ashkum has recruited over sixty volunteer staff members to conduct the event.  

The fabulous Camp Drake Trading post WILL be open for business! Please come prepared with money in hand to buy all things Camp Drake! We look forward to seeing you!

For the registration form please click HERE

For the information for leaders please click HERE.