The Council Conservation Committee provides the council with available expertise in matters of ecology, conservation, and resource management. The committee guides policy making and operational decisions regarding the management of natural and cultural resources within the Council and is charged with the promotion and implementation of environmental education efforts.


The members of the committee are made up of outdoor enthusiasts from across the region:

  • Conservation minded Scouters

  • Individuals serving as professionals with natural resources agencies and organizations

  • Representatives from the Camp Properties Committee

  • The Council’s Outdoor Ethics Advocate

  • Boy Scouts and Venturers who have earned a Hornaday Conservation Award



  • Committee Chair – Maddy Kangas

  • Committee Staff Advisor – Michael Graham

  • Camp Properties Representative –

  • Outdoor Ethics Advocate / Leave No Trace – Ralph Kuchenbrod

Committee Members at Large

  • Bob Bantz

  • Jim Dieker

  • Wayne Frankie

  • Ramin Karimpour

  • Jim Linnenburger

  • Flint Pellett

  • Paul Wilson

Meeting Schedule

The Council Conservation Committee meets bimonthly on the second Monday of the month at a location and time as determined by the committee’s chair. Check the Council calendar for the most up-to-date information.

Committee Duties

The Council Conservation Committee will have these special duties to be performed on an annual basis:

  • Coordinating conservation efforts in the Council

  • Approving Hornaday Award projects and applications

  • Promoting conservation educational efforts and awards programs

  • Serving as the voice for conservation of natural resources within Prairielands Council

  • Organizing Sawyer Training and Certification classes

  • Organizing Leave No Trace Trainer courses