Prairielands Council Conservation

This page will highlight all important Conservation efforts Prairielands Council & Camp Drake are doing. Check back shortly for more information!

Leave No Trace Trainer Course

The Leave No Trace Trainer Course is an informative, practical & fun workshop on the ethics and practices of minimum-impact recreation and travel. Prairielands Council is offering this weekend course designed to enhance your understanding of LNT principles and ethics and to increase your level of confidence in teaching Leave No Trace skills. The course is designed for any Scout leaders and Scouts/Venturers (14+) interested in Leave No Trace practices. Participants will sleep in cabins.

Course Date: March 2-3 2018

Location: Camp Robert Drake

Fee: $70

Online Registration


Information about the William T. Hornaday Awards can be found by clicking on the medal below.


National Conservation Website & Information can be found by clicking on the picture below.