An afternoon of Cub Scout activities was held on Saturday, September 23 at Boy Scout Camp Drake, near Catlin, IL.  Cub Scouts and their families traveled from five different counties to enjoy shooting sports, rocket launching, and more. For many of the boys and their families, the Cub Scout Family Fun Day was an introduction to the activities of the Boy Scouts of America.  The event was planned to provide fun and challenging activity in a family friendly setting.  Camp Drake has been providing a great location for outdoor skills development for over 85 years.

For the Cub Scouts who like to drive, the Camp Drake pedal cars provided a few laps around the dirt track.  The archery and BB gun ranges were the most popular spots for the Cub Scout marksmen.  Instructors provided safety lessons for the shooting sports skills, and then Cub Scouts and family members tested their keen eye on the target.  A bonus event this year allowed Cubs to blast off their own model rocket.  Every new Cub Scout in the Prairielands Council in 2017 will receive a free model rocket to build and launch.  Boys in grades K-5 can join Cub Scouts at any time in a local Cub Pack.  For more information, visit the Prairielands Council website   or call (800) 464-7291

Outdoor Leader Training Weekend

The last opportunity in 2017 for Boy Scout leaders to complete the mandatory requirement for leader training is on the weekend of October 6-8, 2017.  All top unit leaders in Boy Scouting (Scoutmasters) are required to have completed Please share this vital information with your troop leaders.  The course is open to all volunteers eager to learn the important aspects of Scout camping.

Fall Pow Wow Date Change

NOTE REGARDING COUNCIL CALENDAR CHANGE… the Order of the Arrow Fall Pow Wow is moved to the weekend of October 20-22, 2017. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH ARROWMEN IN YOUR TROOP.  Annual elections for the positions of Lodge Chief, Vice Chief of Administration, Vice-Chief of Activities, Vice-Chief of Inductions, Secretary, and Treasurer will be held.  All dues-paying Illini Lodge youth members are eligible to run for a position and participate in the election.  In the Order of the Arrow, you are considered a youth member until you turn 21 years of age.

Scouts on the Onaquispassippi Trail

More than Scouts have been walking the perimeter path at Camp Robert Drake near Fairmount, Illinois.  The trail is a perfect opportunity for Scouts and their leaders or families to explore the local camp and enjoy a very scenic hike.    If you are looking for an easy and fun one-day journey, follow the Onaquispassippi Trail on the Camp Drake map under FORMS at and join the ridge walking deer.   If you would like to earn a few awards along the trip the trail medals, patches or hat pins, available at the Raymond Lee Scout Service Center in Champaign.

Smilin’ Pumpkin Camping

The last weekend of October is typically one of the last good weekends of the year for decent camping weather…especially when Cub Scouts are involved. There are still cabins and campsites available at Camp Drake for rent for the weekend of Oct. 27-29.  Take advantage of having a home base for the big Smilin’ Pumpkin Outdoor Shooting Sports Fest. 

Autumnal Activity for Cubs

Illini Lodge of the Order of the Arrow is sponsoring the fabulous Smilin’ Pumpkin Outdoor Sports Fest.  This is a fun day of outdoor games (BB’s, Archery, Fishing, and Sports) for current & potential Cub Scouts and families that will be held from 1:00 pm to 4:00 on October 29th at Camp Robert Drake. Family participation is encouraged, so siblings can attend and participate.

Rocket Launch on Pumpkin Day

Along with the Giant Launcher targeting the Humongous Pumpkins, Rockets will be soaring through the skies at Camp Robert Drake on Sunday, October 29th.   All new Scouts are encouraged to bring their free rocket kits to launch on the plateau.  Any current Scouts can obtain a free rocket by recruiting a buddy to join their unit.  If needed, extra rocket kits and engines will be available for purchase on Oct. 29 at the Camp Drake trading post.  Plan now to blast-off at the Smilin Pumpkin in October.

Lost and Found

Thank you for attending the 2017 Summer Camp at Camp Drake.  I hope everyone had a fantastic time!   As always, after summer camp, we have loads of lost and found.   We have everything from clothes, towels, water bottles, hats, belts, shoes, knives, Scout handbook, etc.   If you are missing something, please be sure to check the lost and found at the Champaign office.   Anything that is not claimed by September 30, 2017 will either be donated or thrown away.

Smilin Pumpkin Outdoor Sports Fest!

Mark Sunday, October 29th on your fall fun calendar. Family participation is encouraged, so siblings can attend and participate. Three different shooting sports areas will be set up to allow for a variety of targets and shooting difficulty.  Sports games on the plateau will feature basketball, soccer, and Frisbee games.  Set your sights for the premier Cub Scout event of the fall.  All Cub Scouts should go to the Smilin’ Pumpkin at Camp Robert Drake near Oakwood, IL.  All current & potential Cub Scouts and families are invited to join the fun from 1:00 pm to 4:00 on October 29. Check out the Smilin Pumpkin Flyer for more details!

Scouter Mom's Review of Camp Drake

Tools Needed for Camp Drake

Camp Drake would appreciate any hand or power tools for its workshop, garden tools for outdoor work, or recreational equipment that you no longer need.

Hand tools or power tools, such as screwdrivers, pliers, saws, etc., help with the many mechanical requirements of camp maintenance.

Garden tools, like rakes, shovels, or weed whips, allow additional volunteers to complete projects on service days.

Any outdoor recreation equipment will be put to good use with the Scouts at summer camp.

From balls & bats to camping gear, from golfing supplies to boating equipment, please contact Mike Graham at the Raymond Lee Scout Service Center at 217-356-7291 if you can provide a gift for Camp Drake.