New Illini Lodge 55 Merchandise!

Did you know Illini Lodge 55 has new merchandise items?!

Below is a list of the items and pictures of them respectively.

You can buy them at the Camp Drake Trading Post or at the Champaign Scout Office.

25th Anniversary Illini Lodge 55 T-Shirts = $12

Illini Lodge 55 Hat = $15

Illini Lodge 55 Hoodie = $30

25th Anniversary Illini Lodge 55 T-Shirts Description

Illini Lodge 55 was created through the consolidation of Waukheon Lodge 55 and Illini Lodge 92 in May of 1994. The Lodge Chiefs of each lodge during this time were co-chiefs for the remainder of that year. Because of the merge in 1994, for the 25th Anniversary of Illini Lodge 55 we decided to design t-shirts with the original lodge logos as a tribute to what had made our current lodge possible. Our shirts are modeled after the individual lodge’s logos, with the Thunderbird for Waukheon Lodge and the American Indian head for Illini 92 respectively.

female youth arrowmen.jpg

Illini Lodge 55 History was made this summer!

On June 20, 2019 Illini Lodge 55 inducted it’s first youth female arrowmen. The lodge inducted four youth female arrowmen who can be found pictured to the right after their ordeal with our 2019 Lodge Chief, Benjamin Hoogstraat!

In total this summer we have inducted 6 youth females. That is a great start so far, and we are looking forward to inducting many more in the future!

fall pow wow theme pic .jpg

2019 Fall Pow Wow

October 4-6, 2019 you get a chance to live in the wizarding world! Find your house with our sorting hat, cast some spells, drink some butterbeer, and compete against the other houses to see who will come out on top and win the House Cup! Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!

2019 Speedpass

Speedpass Design 2.0.png

The 2019 Speedpass is available for $35 as of May 10, 2019 which includes - a pin, 2019 dues, and the fee for Fall Pow Wow.

You also get to be first in line at every meal at every event.

What a spectacular deal! Get yours now at the Champaign Scout Office!

Illini Lodge #55 Social Media Connection

Useful Lodge Information

Missed the Latest Lodge Meeting?

Were you unavailable to make it to the last lodge meeting? Well fear not, below are the previous lodge meeting minutes each linked to their date!

Check them out and get caught up in what’s going on in the lodge.

June 9, 2019 Lodge Meeting Minutes

Be sure to check our events page to ensure you can make it to our next meeting!

Officer Contact Information

Officer Contact Information has been put into a google document and can be found by clicking here or the title!

2019 Budget

The budget for Illini Lodge 55 is a road-map for the expenses and income for the upcoming year for the Lodge. Each officer, chairman, and event is broken down into expenses and incomes based off of previous years budget and updated for the projections for 2019. The finance committee, treasurer adviser, lodge chief, and lodge adviser met on November 19, 2018 to update the budget for 2019. Check out the 2019 lodge budget by clicking the headline.

Illini Lodge 55 Bylaws

2019 Bylaws

Involvement, Events, and more Information!

Are you looking to get involved? Don't know how?
Are you looking for more important Lodge information? Don't know how? 
Well you're in luck! Download the Illini Lodge 55 Planbook now! 

Vigil Honor

Vigil Honor Nomination Form

Troop Visitation Season 2019 - ENDED MAY 31, 2019

Are you ready for a spectacular Troop Visitation season?! Well we are! If you have not scheduled your Troop Visit yet please contact Connor Dotson, our Troop Visit Chairman at

Need the Troop Visit Training Presentation? Click here!

Are you in need of election forms and election materials?

Well here they are: 

Welcome Letter
Check List A
Check List B & C
Election Reporting Form
Adult Recommendation Form
Adult Qualification Form
Election Video