Lodge Updates

SPEED PASS….Go to the front of the Lodge Activity Line!

The 2018 Speedpass is available for $50 which includes - a pin,  2018 dues, fees for Spring Fellowship, fees for Summer Reunion, and fees for the Fall Pow Wow.   Whatttaadeal!! Get yours now at the Champaign Scout Office!


New Lodge Leadership


Illini Lodge #55 held its annual Fall Pow Wow Oct 20-22 2017. During the event, Arrowmen were able to voice their opinion on next years Lodge Leadership. Congratulations to the new Lodge Board!

Chief: Philip Wachter T13

Vice Chief of Administration: Kacy C. T234

Vice Chief of Activities: Kenny C. T234

Vice Chief of Inductions: Ben Hoogstraaat T158

Treasurer: Ryan H. T101

Secretary: Jason C. T234


Troop Visitation Season 2018

Are you ready for a spectacular Troop Visitation season?! Well we are! If you have not scheduled you Troop Visit yet please contact Kacy C, our Vice Chief of Administration at cclarkston@gmail.com

Did you miss TVT? well fear not here is a powerpoint that explains just how to do a quality troop visit.

Are you in need of election forms and election materials?

Well here they are: 

Welcome Letter
Check List A
Check List B & C
Election Reporting Form
Adult Recommendation Form
Adult Qualification Form
Election Video

Illini Lodge #55 Social Media Connection

Useful Lodge Information

Involvement, Events, and more Information!

Are you looking to get involved? Don't know how?
Are you looking for more important Lodge information? Don't know how? 
Well you're in luck! Download the Illini Lodge 55 Planbook now! 

Texting Service for Lodge Members

This texting service is used a lot by many teachers. We, Illini Lodge #55, use it to mass communicate to our Lodge in a quick manner. Sign up today! We promise that we won't text you late, or early or too often! But carrier messaging rates do apply! You can find the information for it by clicking here.

Vigil Honor

Vigil Honor Nomination Form

Illini Lodge Bylaws

2018 Bylaws