2019 Summer Camp Reservations

Camp Drake is excited to get started on next year's program! We are taking reservations for our 2019 Summer Camp year, by putting down a $100.00 campsite deposit! If you attended in 2018 and rolled over, your Unit is automatically signed up! Don't know if you rolled over? Check out our 2019 Reservation Page! If you didn't rollover or don't see your unit call us at 217-531-0219 and get signed up! (Our online form is coming soon!)

2018 Summer Camp Information

All information for the 2018 Summer Camping season can be found under our Summer Camp tab; Roster, Pictures, and other assorted information will be uploaded as soon as it is received! Stay up to date by checking here often!

Scouter Mom's Review of Camp Drake

Tools Needed for Camp Drake

Camp Drake would appreciate any hand or power tools for its workshop, garden tools for outdoor work, or recreational equipment that you no longer need.

Hand tools or power tools, such as screwdrivers, pliers, saws, etc., help with the many mechanical requirements of camp maintenance.

Garden tools, like rakes, shovels, or weed whips, allow additional volunteers to complete projects on service days.

Any outdoor recreation equipment will be put to good use with the Scouts at summer camp.

From balls & bats to camping gear, from golfing supplies to boating equipment, please contact Mike Graham at the Raymond Lee Scout Service Center at 217-356-7291 if you can provide a gift for Camp Drake.